Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is basically going to be blog about reading about really gruesome torture while eating tasty food.

Its been in my head for awhile now to reinvigorate the old tradition of saint feast days – each day has saints associated with it and traditionally, if you followed a particular particular saint you would celebrate it when its day rolled around by chowing down. (There are totally of course people who still celebrate these but they tend be rather serious about it and the modern Catholic and Orthodox saint calendars have eliminated a lot of the fun/marginal/really creepy saints in favor of the rather boring standards.)

So, my goal is showcase recipes for each saint I feature – maybe its a traditional recipe from their home country, maybe they happen to be the patron saint of sweet potatoes, or maybe they were killed by being dropped into boiling soup, etc.

This probably sounds crazy, but its going to work! Trust me!


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